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SHEIKH ARRAEE – November 4th -12th

WCMA is sponsoring a visit by Sheikh Ar-Ra’ee. He will be visiting from November 4th until November 12th. Please welcome him during his stay here.
Remember, the Imam is also interviewing us, as a community, so please take time from your busy days and visit the masjid during his visit.  Schedule as shown in the flyer below; please RSVP for youth talks.

About the IMAM

Sheikh ar Ra’ee is a world-renowned reciter of the Qur’an, tajweed teacher, Qur’an competition judge, and expert on the Nooraniyah program.  He is the grandson of Sheikh Noor, who authored the book of the Nooraniyah Program. He has taught tajweed and recitation for over 25 years. He holds over 5 ijaazahs (certifications) with authentic chains of transmission traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Some of Sheikh ar Ra’ee’s teachers include: Sheikh Hudhaify, Ibraheem Al Akhdar, Muhammad Tamim Azu’bi (Medina), Fath Muhammad (East Asia), Sayyed Laasheen, Abdur Rasheed ar Ra’ee, Ahmad Ahmad Saeed, Muhammad Ahmed Ma’bad, Abdur Rahim al ‘Ilmi (student of Sheikh Ahmad Zayyaat of Egypt), and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Oyuun as Sood through Sheikh Muhammad Tamim az Zu’bi (Shaam).

Many of Sheikh ar Ra’ee’s students rank in the top 10 in international Qur’anic recitation competitions. One student in particular, Sheikh Abdullah Awadh al Juhany, is currently Imam at the Masjid al Haram (Ka’ba) in Makkah

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